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[TBDG] Black Onyx by KuyoBuyo [TBDG] Black Onyx by KuyoBuyo

Black Onyx for :icontheblackdiamondgang:

I agree to the group’s guidelines and promise to adhere to them during my time in the rp.

  • Signed: KuyoBuyo, Dated: 8/22/16

OOC Information

Name: Kuyo
Preferred Pronouns: she/her
Additional Info: Skype - note me | Casual | HC - ask me ;) (Wink)  | HST 800
Other Characters: -na-


Gem: Black Onyx
Also Known As: - na-
Gender: she/her
Gem Type: Quartz
Gem Location: Chest
Physical Appearance: (height, body type, more detailed information about their looks)

     - Height: 5'5''
     - Weight: about 140 lbs
     - Body type: Slim and lean
     - Details: Black Onyx wears almost a full body black suit under her grey coat. She has long ashen hair and pulls her bangs away from her face. 

Sect: Finesse

Weapon: Dual Pistols

Shape shifting, fusion, Weapon summoning, 
Unique Powers: 

    - Bubble Shield - On the battlefield, if Black Onyx is running low on stamina, her gem protects her in a bubble that can hold up to 3 others as well.

Personality: Quiet | Observant | Team-worker | Will gladly kill a ho when she has to | 

General History:

Black Onyx used to be an average Quartz soldier on Homeworld. Despite being there for a long time, she never liked the way that Homeworld was ran with their colonizing and materialistic views. She was often sent with groups to check over planets and their progress in harvesting resources to colonize. She had heard rumors of a band of thieves and assassins who would always raid their bases. They would always get away with stealing many resources, and even shattered some of their generals. Homeworld had tried many times to stop the famous Black Diamond and their notorious gangs, but had failed every time. Everyone talked about them like they were some foreign group, but for some reason, Black Onyx had always felt some sort of connection with them. Their fierceness and freedom was something that she so dearly wanted, but couldn't have. She couldn't tell anyone about it or she would be looked at as a traitor. Then one day, on a mission to a nearby planet, they were raided by the Black Diamond Gang. It was like an answer to her dreams. Her leaders were shattered in an instant and left her and 6 other Quartz to fend for themselves. They decided to quickly retreat and gather what they could. One Quartz stayed behind to help Black Onyx escape, however, she had no plans of going back with them. She had actually come in contact with the BDG after all these years and it might be the only chance to join them. As the BDG approached, Black Onyx knew she had to show them how serious she was. She pulled out her pistol and shot the Homeworld Quartz right in her gem, shattering her. They then knew BO's intentions, and took her to see their Diamond.

Audio: Playlist , Theme , Fusion Theme , Battle Theme  Voice

- Fusion Style: Vogue movements, 

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You're really good at this :D
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August 28, 2016
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